Wafer Manufacturing

KLA’s wafer manufacturing portfolio includes defect inspection and review, metrology and data management systems that help manufacturers manage quality throughout the wafer fabrication process. Specialized wafer inspection and review tools assess wafer surface quality and detect, count and bin defects during production and as a critical part of outgoing wafer qualification. Wafer geometry systems ensure the wafer shape is extremely flat and uniform in thickness, with precisely controlled wafer shape topography. Data analysis and management systems proactively identify wafer/substrate fabrication process excursions that can lead to yield loss. KLA’s wafer manufacturing systems support process development, production monitoring and final quality check of a broad range of substrate types and sizes including silicon, prime silicon, SOI, sapphire, glass, GaAs, SiC, GaN, InP, GaSb, Ge, LiTaO3, LiNBO3, and epitaxial wafers.

Product Categories


Unpatterned Wafer Defect Inspection Systems

The Surfscan® SP7XP unpatterned wafer inspection system identifies defects and surface quality issues that affect the performance and reliability of leading-edge logic and memory devices. It supports IC, OEM, materials and substrate manufacturing by qualifying and monitoring tools, processes and materials, including those used for EUV lithography. Using a DUV laser and optimized inspection modes, the Surfscan SP7XP delivers ultimate sensitivity for advanced node R&D and the throughput to support high volume manufacturing. Complementary detection modes, including the phase contrast channel (PCC) and normal illumination (NI), detect unique defect types for bare wafers, smooth and rough films, and fragile resists and litho stacks. Image based defect classification (IBC) using revolutionary machine learning algorithms support faster time to root cause, while the Z7 classification engine supports unique 3D NAND and thick film applications.

Surfscan® SP Ax

Unpatterned Wafer Defect Inspection System

The Surfscan® SP A2 and Surfscan® SP A3 unpatterned wafer inspection systems identify defects and wafer surface quality issues that affect the performance and reliability of chips manufactured for the automotive, IoT, 5G, consumer electronics, and industrial (military, aerospace, medical) applications. These inspection systems support device, OEM, materials and substrate manufacturing by qualifying and monitoring tools, processes and materials. Using a DUV laser and optimized inspection modes, the Surfscan SP Ax systems deliver the sensitivity required to support fabs defect reduction strategies. Standard darkfield and optional brightfield inspection modes run concurrently, enabling capture and classification of yield critical and latent reliability defect types. Built on the industry-leading Surfscan platform, the Surfscan SP A2/A3 inspectors are configurable and flexible to meet the cost and performance targets for a range of applications. They support substrate and device manufacturing based on either silicon or wide bandgap (SiC, GaN, etc.) materials across 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wafer sizes.


e-Beam Wafer Defect Review and Classification Systems

The eDR7380™ electron-beam (e-beam) wafer defect review and wafer classification system captures high resolution images of defects, producing an accurate representation of the defect population on a wafer. With a wide range of electron optics and a dedicated In-Lens Detector, the eDR7380 supports defect visualization across process steps, including fragile EUV lithography layers, high aspect ratio trench layers and voltage contrast layers. Unique Simul-6™ technology produces a complete DOI pareto in one test for accurate defect sourcing and faster excursion detection. With connectivity features, such as IAS™ for broadband optical patterned wafer inspectors and OptiSens™ for bare wafer inspectors, the eDR7380 provides unique linkage to KLA inspectors for faster yield learning during IC and wafer manufacturing.

eDR® is a registered trademark of KLA Corporation.


Bare Wafer Geometry Metrology Systems

The WaferSight™ 2+ bare wafer geometry metrology system qualifies polished and epitaxial silicon wafers, and engineered and other advanced substrates for wafer manufacturers. By producing wafer flatness, dual-sided nanotopography and high-resolution edge roll-off data, the WaferSight 2+ produces the data that helps wafer manufacturers ensure that first quality substrates are being produced in volume production.

MicroSense® Wafer Series

Bare Wafer Geometry Metrology Systems

The MicroSense® bare wafer geometry metrology systems are used by wafer manufacturers to qualify substrates across a range of materials, sizes and shapes. The MicroSense systems use patented non-contact sensor technology to produce precise and accurate automated geometry measurements at high throughput. The systems generate metrics – such as thickness, bow/warp and flatness – that help wafer manufacturers qualify and optimize their processes, ensuring volume production of quality substrates.

Candela® 8xxx

Advanced Inspection for Compound Semiconductor Materials and SiC and GaN Substrates

The Candela® 8720 compound semiconductor material surface inspection system enables GaN-related materials, GaAs substrate and epi process control for production of power devices, communications and RF devices, and advanced LEDs and microLEDs. It utilizes proprietary technology to detect and classify yield-limiting, sub-micron defects, supporting production-line monitoring. The Candela® 8520 defect inspection system is designed for advanced characterization of SiC and GaN substrates, often used for power devices in automotive and other applications. It utilizes integrated surface scattering and photoluminescence inspection technologies to capture a wide variety of mission-critical topographic and crystallographic defects, like triangles, carrots, stacking faults and basal plane dislocations. The Candela 8xxx systems help substrate manufacturers improve quality and yield, and optimize their epitaxial growth processes.

Software Solutions

KLA has Software Solutions that support Wafer Manufacturing, including FabVision®

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Legacy Node Wafer Manufacturing

KLA has systems available for legacy node wafer manufacturing through Pro Systems and Enhancements, including Surfscan® unpatterned wafer inspectors

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