What We Do

The purpose of The One Gateway as a nonprofit organization is to provide a place of peace and tranquility, a sanctuary, that allow pastors and ministry leaders to clear his or her mind in a place of natural beauty that only God could provide. 

The One Gateway will also be establishing seminars periodically throughout the course of the year that focus on supporting pastors through mutual conversations with other pastors and ministry leaders that will support their mind, body and spirit. This includes cultural issues, world issues, and spiritual warfare. 

Teaching Leaders

Learn more about how ministry leaders and other prominent individuals go the extra mile to deliver positive, strong messages and motivation towards living a better life.

Teaching Nutrition

Learn how a good diet, rich in natural foods are one of natures best kept secrets to a healthier body. The One Gateway aims to provide the best education and nutritional recommendations backed by the latest scientific studies.

Teaching Faith & Love

The mission of our One Gateway Family is to create a nurturing place of faith, truth, love, and happiness, providing an opportunity for each individual to foster a healthy lifestyle and make good choices for positive outcomes. 

Education first

Our leadership team is trained to focus on education designed to teach the importance of the mind, body, and spirit as it pertains to our overall health.

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Your body is a temple and we treat it as such. Learn how nutrition is changing people's health for the best!


A sound mind can have profound impact on your life. Learn from ministry leaders and other prominent figured about the proper mindset.

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Grow in faith and your relationship with God. We teach lessons from Jesus Christ with a positive, powerful message.

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