Supporting the ministry in BODY MIND & SPIRIT A Nonprofit Organization Dedicated to the rejuvenation of pastors and ministry leaders. About Us A faith-based ministry

Our Purpose & Mission

The One Gateway ministry is dedicated to supporting pastors and ministry leaders in mind, body, and spirit. Our nonprofit organization in South Dakota opens up a world of opportunities to promote social awareness for a healthy mind, body and spirit by holding events focused on Family, Youth, Ministry, Leadership and Athletes.

The mission of our One Gateway Family is to create a nurturing place of faith, truth, love, and happiness, providing opportunity for each individual to become a responsible individual who cares, shares, and impacts lives for the better. 

Located in the Heart of America

The One Gateway nonprofit organization was created to change peoples’ lives for the better through a healthier mind, body, and spirit. We’ve partnered with top leaders from around the country to deliver the message of building and maintaining an active and purpose-driven lifestyle. From Pastoral Retreats, to Kid’s Camps (Ages 4-18), to conferences and events. The One Gateway brings education, entertainment, and inspiration through unforgettable, helping-others focused activities and speakers.

Clear your mind, Transform your body, and Nourish your spirit by entering The One Gateway world of opportunities!

Powerful Leaders & Teachers

Retreats For All Ages.

Our variety of camps and retreats are structured to give a well rounded education in health and wellness, as well as leadership and specialty skills towards an active lifestyle.

The ministry partners team up with leaders and teachers to help people to reach their potential, grow their faith, discover their purpose, and make a difference.

Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Spirit






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